William A. Schneider: Heads & Hands

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Video Length: 4 Hours 15 Minutes

What’s exciting about the Heads & Hands course:

  • The #1 mistake most artists make when drawing thumbs
  • The one book that helped Bill master hands
  • What you should NEVER avoid doing, or you'll waste time correcting your work
  • “Emotion-boosting” secrets you can quickly apply in your figurative work…
  • How to get the proportions for your heads and hands right with a few quick adjustments…
  • The "step back" trick for a more accurate painting
  • Why outlining makes the painting of your model look like a zombie
  • Why you should never measure by eye
  • What you must do to correct mistakes easily
  • The “hour hand” measuring technique
  • How to make simple fixes for the most common errors when rendering heads and hands…
  • Why seeing like a baby will help you see better
  • Bill’s weird method of painting with a roller
  • How to easily fix “stiff and inexpressive” poses...
  • How to identify the extremes to give you “painting ordinates”
  • Plus: Monet’s “French Squinting” Technique…
  • And much more!


Norman Rockwell once said, “The viewer will forgive anything … except heads and hands.”

That is one piece of advice you don’t want to ignore because viewers often zero right in on those two key areas.

They often look stiff and tight … they look “off” and unnatural.

If the proportions are not accurate, the viewer will regard the work as amateurish.

Thankfully, there’s a way to impress viewers so you can stop feeling anxious about what they think and start painting heads and hands that look natural and depict correct movement.

If creating this type of professional-level art is important to you… this video course is a perfect addition to your learning library!

You'll discover insights and shortcuts that can strengthen your skills in drawing heads and hands.

As Bill Schneider says: “Don’t paint boring hand gestures that look like Oscar Mayer Wieners!” 

In addition to being a highly talented artist and instructor, Bill is funny! This makes learning much easier because you’ll feel relaxed and at ease as you take in everything Bill has to offer here.

You’ll get a crash course on the anatomy of heads and hands so you’ll understand how the hand is structured and designed to move.

Those are the vital fundamentals that will stay with you for life. 

And the good thing is...

Bill’s going to make it easy for you! Because he’ll share a foolproof “measurement sequence” that helps you nail your proportions every single time.

Painting heads and hands will soon be second nature to you...

Bill will also share his secrets on how to enhance and refine your observation skills so if you feel like your figurative work has reached a plateau, this course will give you the breakthroughs you’re looking for!


Chapter Breakdown -- 

  1. Introduction Hand Anatomy
  2. Tone & Measure
  3. Set Up Extremes & Shadow Pattern
  4. Block in the Flesh in Light
  5. Develop the Face


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