Bill Davidson

Bill Davidson: Painting With Energy

Video Length: 6 Hours 30 Minutes

Inside Painting With Energy, You’ll Discover:

  • The latest neuroscience that gives you a massive learning advantage and will have you on the road to painting like a pro fast
  • Our unique breakthrough online technology that is usually reserved only for SOAR Workshops
  • How to wake up excited every morning and find meaning in your painting (as well as your life)
  • Bill’s method for seeing like an artist that allows you to grasp shapes and values immediately 
  • How to paint large groups of trees, achieve depth, create convincing reflections, and so much more — while keeping it easy and motivating
  • A never-done-before approach for using grays to nail your values every time
  • The winner attitude that increases your chances of creating successful paintings with every attempt (based on science)
  • How to take an ordinary or bland picture and turn it into a stunning painting through “Imagineering”
  • Why your materials might be defeating you and how to tame them
  • How these 3 tonal values are the easiest way to lay out the initial big shapes (game changer)
  • How to stop guessing your values and see colors for their real values instead
  • The 3 easy questions to answer for painting shadows
  • The 16 crucial questions to nail any finish
  • Why painting “talent” is overrated and what you need instead to be a true pro painter 


Bill teaches you an enthusiastic approach to painting and shows you how to paint with expressive strokes that are loaded with emotion and energy.

How to paint with layers, create beautiful color harmonies, and craft rock-solid design…

Bill himself rose rapidly as a painter because he was able to learn fast and understood all the WHYs necessary to repeatedly create good results. 

So just imagine what Bill can do for your painting abilities. 

What’s more, Bill teaches in a simple, fun, and positive way that will motivate you to progress fast.

Who is this for?


You’ll love Bill Davidson’s Painting With Energy video course if you:

  • Like to understand how pros make decisions so you can repeat their successful actions and create better paintings 
  • Want to grow extremely fast and supercharge your painting abilities
  • Like positive reinforcement that keeps you motivated to learn and paint
  • Enjoy having a foolproof, proven plan to paint like a pro
  • Want to retain more, faster
  • Want to paint like a pro


While you go through the video course, you’ll confidently paint a layered painting of the Italian Riviera and master energetic brushwork.

What’s more, you’ll understand how your brain deals with information and motivation, and you’ll get techniques to paint with excitement every time.


Painting With Energy by Bill Davidson also includes these bonuses:

  • Insider strategies to edit your composition — this is especially valuable if you draw from photos
  • How to work with bad, bland, and low-quality photo references and create stunning paintings from them
  • Exclusive in-depth interview with B. Eric Rhoads, publisher of PleinAir Magazine
  • Exhibition of Works: Enjoy an inspirational showing of Bill’s paintings


Bill has conducted a whopping 150 workshops, taught the highly acclaimed first ever Soar Workshop, and launched several video courses. 

As a former trial lawyer, Bill has used his courtroom techniques to simplify complex subject matters, and he’s highly interested in developing the easiest and fastest process for artists to grow.


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