How Any Artist Can Start Painting Portraits So Alive, They Could Walk Right Off the Canvas

Breathe Life into Your Portraits with Living Master Vicki Sullivan’s “Illusive Form” Method

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What makes one portrait feel so real you’d swear it might blink or even reach out to touch you … while another portrait can feel entirely lifeless?

Despite having used the same palette of colors…

The same values…

And the same attention to detail?

One thing is for certain — the secret to painting realistic portraits goes well beyond technique alone.

If you’ve ever aspired to paint a portrait so vivid, it seems as though the subject could step right off the canvas…

Artist Vicki Sullivan will show you how to infuse your work with an emotional depth and realism that makes each portrait come alive.

From the initial brushstroke to the final detail, Vicki will share a tried-and-true method used by the Old Masters to create a realistic portrait using an indirect approach. 

We call it her “Illusive Form” technique, and it’s the secret that brings portraits to life.

In a world where portraits often merely skim the surface, Living Master Vicki Sullivan’s Painting Realistic Portraits unveils the depth behind every gaze — leading you from a flat and superficial likeness to the soul-stirring realms of realism.

“When I paint a portrait, I want to achieve two things: I want the subject to appear as though they could walk right out of the canvas and into the room, and I want to capture something of their personality in the process.” 

— Vicki Sullivan

Many artists miss a few key ingredients in their portrait painting process, leaving portraits flat and uninspired. 

But once you put Vicki’s lessons into action, your portraits will gain incredible depth, emotion, and an almost tangible presence.

Regardless of your skill level, Vicki’s step-by-step approach makes mastering breathtaking portraits achievable. 

Come join Vicki Sullivan as she shows you the magic behind her “living portraits”!

Available in both Streaming and DVD Formats

Meet Your Instructor, Vicki Sullivan!

Australian artist Vicki Sullivan has earned international acclaim for her mesmerizing portraits and inspiring figurative works. Rooted in the traditions of the Old Masters, her paintings resonate deeply with contemporary art lovers. 

What sets Vicki apart from her contemporaries is not just her technical prowess, but the soul she captures in each piece — the stories etched on the faces she paints and the emotions her art conjures.

In 2021, Vicki was awarded the title of “Living Master” by the Art Renewal Center — the largest international foundation for the promotion and education of realist art.

Her numerous accolades, exhibitions, and finalist positions in esteemed art competitions only further reflect her international influence.

In Painting Realistic Portraits, she lifts the veil on age-old techniques, empowering aspiring artists to foster a profound understanding of realism and enabling them to narrate their own stories through the silent yet eloquent language of classical art.

Introducing Vicki Sullivan’s Course:

Painting Realistic Portraits

In this video course, Vicki will walk you through her distinctive portrait painting process from start to finish.

You’ll follow her from a blank canvas to a completed portrait that captures your subject’s unique characteristics, personality, and soul.

Discover the magic of her “Illusive Form” technique, one of the many keys to breathing life into your portraits.

As you watch Vicki demonstrate, you’ll unravel many more secrets and insights — each a step toward mastering the art of creating portraits that are not just seen, but felt!

The course is designed to be both easy to follow and instantly transformational. As you progress through the chapters, you’ll quickly notice tangible changes in your approach and abilities.

By the end of the course, these techniques will become a permanent part of your toolkit, allowing you to access these insights to paint realistic portraits whenever and wherever you’d like.


Course Length: 8 Hours 30 Minutes


A quick introduction of things to come! Prepare to be guided through a process that blends technical skill with artistic vision, laying the foundation for transforming a blank canvas into a lifelike portrait.

Materials and Tools

Delve into the artist’s arsenal, exploring Vicki Sullivan’s selection of paints and brushes. This chapter gives you insights into choosing the right tools to bring your portraits to life. Discover how each brush and pigment can play a pivotal role in crafting realistic skin tones and textures.

Setting Up the Model

Learn the secrets of setting up your model for success! Vicki Sullivan shares her techniques for optimal lighting and posing, ensuring that shadows and angles add depth and interest to your portraits. This chapter will help you create a setup that brings out the best in your subject.

Construct Drawing

This chapter focuses on the initial phase of portrait drawing. You'll learn to identify the anchor points and shapes of your subject without delving into shading. This chapter is about laying the groundwork for your portrait with precision and clarity.

Transfer the Drawing

Time to transition your sketch to canvas. Vicki teaches the technique of transferring construct drawings using raw umber, emphasizing the use of straight lines for maintaining proportions. This chapter is a crucial step in ensuring your portrait maintains its intended form and likeness.

The Underpainting

Here, you'll paint backgrounds and shadow shapes with raw umber, learning to distinguish between soft form shadows and sharper cast shadows. This chapter is about creating the illusion of form and volume, setting a solid foundation for your portrait.

The Grisaille

This chapter introduces the grisaille technique, using shades of gray to establish tonal values. Vicki guides you through the process of creating form, emphasizing the importance of starting light and keeping edges soft. This stage is crucial for setting up your portrait for the vibrant colors to come.

First Color Layer

Begin bringing your portrait to life with color! Vicki teaches how to mix and apply shadow and light colors, discussing chroma variations and how they affect the perception of form. Learn about the nuances of skin tones, from the yellow hues of the forehead to the subtle grays around the chin, and how to create a realistic depiction of the human face.

Second Color Layer

This chapter emphasizes the importance of edge control and the subtleties of painting eyes and skin. Learn how to make eyes glisten, use color to convey skin’s translucency, and understand the significance of a good reference photo or live model for capturing true skin tones.

Second Color Layer, Continued

Continuing with the second layer of color from the previous chapter, Vicki focuses on refining the portrait’s details. This chapter guides you through enhancing the vibrancy and depth of your portrait, discussing the balance of color temperature and hue. It’s about adding those critical touches that bring your subject to life.


From painting the intricate details of lace to creating lifelike hair, Vicki shares brushwork tips and glazing techniques to add depth and warmth. This chapter teaches you to consider the form beneath the clothes and to use glazing to enhance skin tones, creating a portrait that is both realistic and radiant.

Final Touches

In the final chapter, Vicki guides you through adding the last details that elevate your portrait. It's about those final adjustments that transform a good portrait into a great one, capturing the essence of your subject!

Available in both Streaming and DVD Formats

What Vicki Sullivan Will Share Inside 

Painting Realistic Portraits

Transforming “Dull” Portraits into Lifelike Masterpieces

This course is a gateway to creating breathtaking portraits so realistic, they seem ready to step out of the canvas. Inside, Vicki Sullivan shares her techniques and deep insights into the world of realistic portraits from start to finish.

You’ll learn how to infuse your portraits with life, capturing not just the physical likeness but the very essence of your subject. Vicki’s unique approach focuses on building up the painting in layers, masterfully using tonal values and edges to create the illusion of form. 

Whether you are a beginner looking to lay a solid foundation or an advanced artist seeking to refine your skills, this video course offers a wealth of knowledge. You’ll gain the confidence to create portraits that resonate with viewers, leaving a lasting impression. 

It’s more than just a painting lesson; it’s a career-making opportunity to learn direction from a contemporary master and a chance to bring your artistic visions to life!

Discover Proven Techniques from a Living Master

Vicki Sullivan’s extensive accolades and her 2021 recognition as a Living Master by the Art Renewal Center speak volumes of her expertise and credibility in the world of realist art.

This course is not just about learning to paint; it’s about learning to create art that communicates and captivates. Vicki’s methodical approach, refined through years of practice and study, simplifies complex concepts, making them accessible to artists at all levels. 

Her “Illusive Form” technique focuses on understanding values and the interplay of light and shade — essential in bringing a portrait to life.

By following Vicki’s proven process, you’ll learn to create portraits that tell stories instead of just depicting a flat and dull subject. 

This is your opportunity to absorb knowledge from a master artist and apply it to your own work immediately. It’s a chance to enhance your skills and take a significant leap forward in your artistic journey!

Secrets to Portraits That Leave a Lasting Impression

Painting Realistic Portraits by Vicki Sullivan is a comprehensive guide to making your art unforgettable. 

This video course is packed with various insights and tips that go beyond basic portrait painting, offering techniques to create paintings that leave an impression.

You’ll explore the subtleties of color mixing to achieve luminous skin tones, learn the importance of edges in bringing depth and realism to your work, and understand how to effectively use lighting and composition to tell a story. 

Vicki’s instructions on managing color, coupled with her expertise in creating ethereal, lifelike portraits, provides a complete and comprehensive learning experience.

This course also tackles common challenges artists face, such as creating three-dimensional effects on a flat surface and capturing the unique spirit of the subject. 

Vicki’s approachable teaching style, combined with her mastery of technique, makes this video course an invaluable resource for anyone looking to enhance their portrait painting skills.

By the end of this course, you’ll not only have learned how to paint realistic portraits, but also how to infuse your work with a sense of authenticity and emotion — qualities that truly make an artist’s work stand out and be remembered!

Available in both Streaming and DVD Formats

HERE's A small taste of what's inside

Painting Realistic Portraits

✅ Vicki Sullivan’s unique “Illusive Form” technique that breathes life into portraits…

✅ How to communicate soulful narratives through your art…

✅ How to capture the spirit of your subject…

✅ A comprehensive breakdown of Vicki’s approach that makes learning effortless…

✅ The secret to painting portraits that resonate and connect with viewers…

✅ How to create luminous skin tones…

✅ Tips for optimal lighting and posing…

✅ How to get your subject ready for a successful portrait…

✅ Insights on drawing, like how to identify the anchor points and shapes of your subject without shading…

How to transfer your drawing and ensure your portrait maintains its intended form and likeness…

✅ How to use shades of gray to establish tonal values…

How to create a realistic depiction of the human face…

✅ A simple way to make eyes glisten…

PLUS: Tricks to paint lifelike hair…

… and so many more incredible insights straight from a recognized Living Master!

Available in both Streaming and DVD Formats


 Painting Realistic Portraits!

If your portraits are looking “flat,” and you need help to make them three-dimensional…

…or you’re looking for a proven process to follow so you’ll have a strong foundation to work from…

…then you've already made a choice by reading this far. 

You’re not just looking for another painting course; you’re seeking a transformation, a new way of seeing and capturing the unique personalities and beautiful characteristics of people everywhere.

With Vicki Sullivan’s Painting Realistic Portraits, you’re not just learning techniques, you’re embracing a whole new artistic identity. 

By the end of this course, you’ll become an artist who understands the soul and spirit behind each brushstroke … an artist who can create portraits that not only look “alive,” but can connect with the viewer’s heart.

Don’t forget…

Very few instructors have the same level of experience or teaching prowess as Living Master Vicki Sullivan… 

There are two options for you now…

You can go back to what you’ve been doing — spending precious time (and patience) trying various approaches and techniques until you find the answer…


You can shortcut your way to becoming a better artist with Vicki Sullivan’s brilliant instruction.

In this format, you don’t even have to think or struggle to figure things out on your own — just listen and absorb information while you follow along.

Expect to be amazed at how this immersive training experience can lead to newfound breakthroughs and a deeper understanding of your art that you haven’t seen before.

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StreamingDVDStreaming + DVD

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…plus, you can watch this video course again and again — for life!

We highly recommend you go through this course at least twice to cement the lessons into your subconscious.

Soon you will produce artwork that viewers will love and collectors will notice!

Most importantly, you’ll create artwork that is true to yourself.

Get started right away by selecting the digital version.

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Available in both Streaming and DVD Formats

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After you go through this course, we want you to be completely satisfied and feel confident that you’ve improved your painting skills.

However, if after watching the video, you decide it’s just not for you, let us know within 30 days of purchase and we’ll refund 100% of your money.

To your success!

Eric Rhoads, Publisher

Though you can observe the techniques of any artist instantly by watching them demonstrate and by watching the videos repeatedly, please know that, though many artists offer insights that can help people overcome a lot of learning time, every artist learns at their own speed based on their own level of understanding. Painting and drawing bring great joy, though the joy may come from practicing various techniques over and over until you master them. We do not wish to indicate that you, or anyone, can skip the joy of practice and the challenges of getting better. Painting is a lifetime endeavor, and getting good does not typically happen rapidly, or instantly. Your results may vary. And please know that if at any time within 30 days you feel this video has not lived up to your expectations or its promise, we will happily refund your money.

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