Diane McClary: Desert Mountains

Video Length: 0 Hour 49 Minutes

It is probably safe to say that landscapes are among the most numerous paintings on the planet. 

In this video Diane addresses the perennially popular subject of mountains. The information, demonstrations and instructions contained in this video can easily be adapted to any mountain landscape. What makes this challenging and highly educational is how she interprets the colors.

Desert mountains are mostly gray and brown barren rock piles, except for the occasional spring blush of green; and that only lasts a brief time before the sun sears it dry.

What does this mean to you, the eager student? Painting this scene provides you with a superb example of how to look hard at the “color of the light”, (one of Diane’s favorite mantras) then choose the color you intuit, and exaggerate it. Then you will have captured the soul of your subject while expressing your own reality.

In addition, the video deals with bushes near and far, sand in the foreground, light and shadow, and so much more.