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About Us

Liliedahl Video Productions and Sales, a division of Liliedahl Enterprises, Inc., as is Liliedahl Fine Art Studio, resident Artist Johnnie Liliedahl, is a "spin off" from the filming and editing experience that was gained by producing Johnnie Liliedahl's series of art instruction videos beginning in the early 1990's. After producing, filming and editing nearly 20 of her very successful videos/DVDs (performed from an artist's and art teacher's viewpoint with the intent of providing outstanding art education to the viewer) and in coincidence with the development of high-quality digital cameras capable of capturing excellent color and close-up detail, it was decided that we were ready to do high-quality art instruction DVDs for other artists as well.

By using a minimum of three (3) digital cameras (sometimes four), all with 3-CCD elements for the most accurate color reproduction, we have been able to produce art instruction DVDs that are known for delivering the painting demonstration to the viewer in a manner that is even better than being at the demonstration in person, considering the closeups and ability to use the DVD features of still-frame and chapter points to easily repeat passages of interest.

Since beginning to do that, in 2001, we have continued to produce, film, edit and market art instruction and demonstration DVDs for some of the best known, award-winning, most admired and successful artists in the United States.

While we must make a profit on our endeavors to recover our costs and to be able to promote sales through advertising (otherwise we would not be able to produce DVDs such as these for our customers), our motives for doing the videos are altruistic in nature and based on the idea that the DVDs will be both a legacy for the artists involved and would provide invaluable instruction for many, less experienced artists who are either working their way towards a successful career and for those artists yet to come, not to mention a retrospective of sorts if we are able to film the same artists in later years of their careers.

It should be made clear that we definitely pay a very liberal royalty to all of the artists for each sale we make of their DVDs, once the production costs are recovered. This means that popular artists begin to receive a very significant benefit from your purchase of their DVD(s) within a month or two following the initial release of their video(s). This royalty provides them with a well-deserved reward and payback for their unique abilities gained through their hard work and experience over the years.

As mentioned, we are not financially independent and, so, cannot produce, film, edit, advertise and distribute said DVDs without receiving some of the income from the sale of the DVDs. This should be obvious; however, we feel that we are performing a valuable service for our customers who want to know how certain artists work but are unable to attend a workshop in person, either because of the cost of the workshop or because the artist simply does not teach workshops. Some of the artists we are associated with do the DVDs for that very reason...that they do very few workshops and they are able to refer their followers to the DVD to receive the instruction they would otherwise receive in a workshop by that artist.

NOTE: It is important to mention that companies whose purpose is to rent the DVDs we produce are NOT doing so with our permission and are NOT providing any kind of royalty payments to the artists involved for each rental. True, the artist does receive a royalty payment for each original DVD that a rental company purchases from us, but they pay NOTHING ELSE, no matter how many times the DVD is rented afterwards. This seems, to us, very unfair to the artist. Providing free performances and art education, after all the time, money and effort they've expended to learn their craft, just isn't right. You can be sure that the only entity making any money from rentals is the rental company. There is NO agreement with either us OR the artist for them to to pay any further payments to anyone when a DVD is rented.



Ken Neth

These videos are exceptional value for money. These artists are giving us a life-time of experience distilled into several hours. Those who have ears to hear and eyes to see will be enriched far beyond the money paid.