Amery Bohling

Amery Bohling: How To Paint The Grand Canyon

Video Length: 4 Hours 22 Minutes

Here’s just a taste of what Amery demonstrates in this video. These are all about COLOR:

  • Why you need to paint en plein air to see the true colors in nature … photos are wonderful references when you understand color.
  • What you need to do BEFORE you ever start to paint to have half the hard work done.
  • How to determine the main shadow color in a painting so that every light is lighter than that and every dark is darker. (This is the only way to get a correct separation of light and dark in your work.)
  • How to judge and correct the values of colors right on the palette (no dulling them with white or black)
  • The ONE color you need on your palette to tone your mixed colors without losing the vibrancy you’re going for. (and no… it is not a neutral gray… far from it.)
  • Why using black to edit your colors is NOT the way to go
  • How to plan your color values so they don’t "fight" on the canvas or look jumpy and disconnected.
  • Learn which opaque colors will slaughter the beautiful mixes you really want — and what to do instead.


Imagine standing in front of your easel — somewhere on the North Rim of the Grand Canyon — painting a majestic view at sunset.

Then coming home with a masterful artwork … to enjoy … and show your friends and family. How astounded they are at the fleeting beauty you were able to capture! Who knew you could do such breathtaking work? You may even be startled by your own newfound expertise.

Is this merely the stuff of fantasy and imagination?

Not at all!

This dream — and the masterpiece you can paint — is entirely within your reach.

Much sooner than you think!

Would you like to be a better painter as soon as tomorrow?

I’m about to tell you how that can happen, but first, let me answer a question you might have…

Why Would I Want to Paint the Grand Canyon If I’ve Never Been and May Never Go?

Whether you have been to the Grand Canyon or not, you know it is one of the seven natural wonders of the world. Words can never describe its grandeur, although one writer tried. She said…

"…the weight of deep time on display crushes comprehension. We look, we gasp, we shudder with awe."
-Pamela Petro, former artist-in-residence at the Grand Canyon

It’s that very sense of awe … and wonder … that artists seek to portray. Isn’t that what you hope to achieve each time you put brush to canvas? Don’t you long to create work that not only represents the world around you, but captures that little spark that lives in your mind’s eye?

Well, now you can.

And it is much easier than you think.

In fact, with this video, you can be a better painter in a matter of hours!


Picture yourself:

  • Setting up your canvas and laying out the drawing with a plan that ensures success
  • Boldly mixing clear, vibrant colors so that half the hard work is done before you even start painting
  • Confidently laying in the correct values so that your painting actually "sings" with harmony

Do one or more of these things elude you when you paint? Do your colors tend to get dull and muddy? Do you get to the end of the painting and that spark you were going for just isn’t there?

It’s happened to all of us. Talk about frustration! All that hard work, and the painting just doesn’t look like you imagined it would. Hours and hours spent … expensive materials … are you wasting your time?

Of course not. You just need someone to show you exactly what to do. Step by step. How to plan. How to execute. How to know when you’re getting off track … and how to get back on.

And that’s exactly what Painting the Grand Canyon, featuring Amery Bohling, will do for you. Amery is a member of the "Grand Canyon 7," a group of artist friends who paint there regularly. "The Canyon," as they call it, has become their obsession. You don’t need to make it your obsession, but this remarkable video will fuel your own passion for painting by ramping up your skills fast. Skills that will go on to apply to your future work, no matter the subject.


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