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Bill Davidson: Landscape Painting Secrets


Video Length: 5 Hours 55 Minutes
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Are you ready to learn how to paint a vivid and captivating landscape that your viewers will love?

If your answer is YES, this video was made for you.

Bill gives you a step-by-step demonstration, from setting up your materials to adding the finishing touches to your work — paying particular attention to four primary areas of the painting that deliver maximum effect for the viewer:

  • The sky and clouds...
  • Water and reflections...
  • Foreground and middle-ground elements...
  • Making the final adjustments and adding elements like birds...


Bill starts the demonstration by performing a full tonal painting, then explains why he makes every one of his decisions. Next he shows you how he premixes all of his colors and why he tests them multiple times...

Finally, he leads you on your own fun and exciting landscape painting experience.

Now you can learn the hidden secrets to painting beautiful landscapes that your viewers will fall in love with

Walk into almost any museum and you'll see a display of amazing landscape paintings.

But what are the special qualities of "museum-level" or "gallery-level" paintings?

What makes one landscape painting stand out above another?

If you're a painter already, you know that landscape painting is one of the most soothing and "zen-like" painting experiences there is. There's such a unique sense of calm and serenity you get from working with landscapes — and there is a meditative quality in working them till they stand out as something extraordinary.

As a landscape painter, you have the power to transport someone emotionally by expressing what speaks to you in nature.

You can feel the heat of the sun reflecting off the billowing clouds that you've communicated on the canvas... can feel the cool and crisp air of an autumn morning in the Rocky Mountains...

...and you can even hear the gentle rustle of reeds along the shoreline as they sway with the breeze.

There's a tremendous amount of freedom in landscape painting, and that's one reason why so many artists end up falling in love with this type of painting.

Then there's the fact that good landscape paintings are always in demand. Galleries want them because they sell all year round, and collectors love them because landscape scenes are always a smart choice for hanging in private homes or commercial buildings; they transport people to a different place.

Plus, they're a lot of fun to paint!

Just imagine the rush you can get from capturing the innate beauty of a vivid landscape scene, and imagine how fulfilling it is to know your friends and family will enjoy your work for years to come...

...or imagine selling your landscape paintings for several thousand dollars once you get the hang of it and perfect your craft...

...or imagine seeing your paintings hang on the walls of a collector's home or a museum...

Here's the thing:

This isn't a fantasy.

You CAN do it.

If you'd like to learn how, this is a very special opportunity just for you. And if you already know how ... this is a chance to take it up a few notches.

In our brand new video training release, Landscape Painting Secrets, artist Bill Davidson gives you a step-by-step and in-depth demonstration that reveals how you can capture the raw and essential beauty of nature through oil painting.

This exclusive video release was created to give you all the tools you need to:

Paint a Gallery-Quality Landscape PaintingFrom the Comfort of Your Own Home or Studio

Bill Davidson considers himself a "recovering lawyer."

You see, once he got painting in his blood, he had to pursue it, so he gave up his career as a high-paid trial attorney to pursue his true passion as a painter ... and that "leap of faith" has turned out to be a very good decision indeed.

Now Bill's work can be found in galleries all across the country, and his vivid landscape compositions have won him critical acclaim and countless awards.

His work has been featured in multiple publications ... and now he's here to help YOU learn what he has discovered that can transform you from being a regular painter to being one who produces that subtle difference that makes your work museum-quality.

Bill's approach is all about finding harmony within the composition. Establishing the best focal points, getting your shapes right, paying close attention to your values as you go... by the time you're done, everything fits together seamlessly to deliver maximum emotional impact for the viewer.

Beginners and experienced painters alike love Bill's technique because it's very fluid — allowing for plenty of improvisation and discovery and giving you the freedom to stumble across those "accidental gems" that can turn a good painting into a truly breathtaking one.

Using his unique approach, Bill will help you overcome your obstacles and take your painting experience to the next level. He'll share the very best landscape techniques that he's developed on his own, plus those he has learned from studying with world-class painters around the globe.


Follow Along as Bill Davidson Reveals:

  • How to train your eye to perceive the right shapes and values for your painting
  • The very first thing Bill does when he begins a painting
  • How to make the best spacing and lighting choices
  • How to work with weight and value
  • What every artist should know about painting foregrounds and backgrounds
  • How to capture the subtle nuances of reflections on water
  • The secret to working with mid-tones and making flawless temperature shifts
  • How to resolve the common problems you'll run into with shapes
  • How to use focal points to create "strong areas of interest" within your composition
  • Making "little adjustments" that create more depth and texture
  • The most common mistakes that landscape painters make and how to avoid them
  • Bill's palette and WHY he chooses these specific colors to paint different clouds, the sky, and reflections
  • The only four questions you need to ask to get your mixing right
  • Why taking risks can give you the very best results in your work
  • How to use dark tones to pull elements into the foreground
  • Using shifting values to capture movement in the various elements of your painting
  • What you need to know about lighting that can make a key difference in getting your work into galleries
  • How to create the tension between elements that moves the viewer's eyes across the painting
  • How to work with contrasts like the pros do it
  • Bill's favorite iPad app and how he uses it for experimenting with the final touches on a painting
  • How to take ordinary elements in your painting and make them extraordinary
  • How to add the finishing touches to your painting

...and much, much more.


Oh, and Bill is the funniest guy we know. You will have a lot of fun along the way to discovering his painting techniques. They do say that learning is better when people are laughing.

Bill is an amazing teacher who believes in keeping things SIMPLE, so if you would like to learn how to paint landscapes like the masters do it, now is the time to take action.

Not only will this all-new video training help you learn how to paint museum-quality landscapes, it will help you in several other areas of your painting as well. Painters from all backgrounds will receive a huge amount of value from this video.

And remember:

You can refer to this video training over and over to refine and improve your technique — pausing and re-watching the parts you want to perfect until you are 100 percent happy with what you see on your canvas.


So, you want to be a better oil painter!  Bill Davidson’s — Landscape Painting Secrets should be on your “next buy” list.  Bill explains things really well, but what’s really interesting, and so helpful, is how he conveys a tactile relationship to painting. So often painters are using their bodies to paint — arms, wrist, eyes — but they are locked in their head and they forget that painting is an integration of body, mind, observation, and an individual’s creative spirit. Bill’s approach to painting gives one the tools for that integration. Explanations about the palette, the brush mixing on the palette, the
layout & refining process of values and shapes on the canvas, the lifting of lighter values in the blocking out process, any level of painter can start to “feel” the painting process.
Then to top the whole process off, one can feel that Bill is just like all of us. He’s had struggles with different aspects of the painting process, but Bill worked through them. And he conveys how that happened for him, then Bill gives you those tools so you can approach painting with more confidence, freedom to explore, and what’s best is that you can start to make painting more fun. And that’s what painting should be about! 
~Rolf Lygren


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Elizabeth McKenzie
Bill Davidson: Landscape Painting Secrets

Amazing and dynamic teacher. Great explanations for decisions throughout the painting process and color mixing. Great insights. Learned so much and beautiful pa...

Frona Farrelly
Bill Davidson Landscape painting secrets

Very good and informative video. I like that he spoke the whole time and gave us complete insight into his thought process and why he was making each stroke and decision. He is very likable and easy to follow.

Deborah Fransen

I just want to thank you again for taking the time to develop your videos. They are so helpful and informative. Hoping to take one of your workshops after I get a bit more experience at the easel!

Mikael Rainosalo
Landscape Painting Secrets

Very good video. It gave me more motivation. I would like to focus my art to landscape.

Rich Felton
Landscape Painting Secrets

Hello Bill. I just finished watching your Landscape Painting Secrets video and really found it helpful. I've been painting less than two years and instruction like yours is a great education. I've also ordered a few of the books that you recommend. I was curious if you are now using Art Set 4? I tried downloading Art Set Pro but apparently it is no longer available. It's a pretty cool tool. I hope I can attend one of your workshops one of these days.