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Brenda Boylan: Pastel FUNdamentals


Video Length: 3 Hours 10 Minutes
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Discover How To Make Your Pastel Painting “SING” With Fun (and Strange) Techniques!

Starting out with pastel and not sure how to develop your skills? Let Brenda Boylan show you how to pursue your own unique artistic style confidently and make your mark in the art community. Perfect for all levels!

Mastering the fundamentals is like building a sturdy foundation for a skyscraper. 

If the foundation is weak or flawed, the entire structure becomes unstable and may eventually crumble. 

But with a strong, unwavering base, the skyscraper can reach incredible heights, proudly standing tall against the tests of time.

Brenda's Pastel FUNdamentals video is the foundation you need to get your pastel skills to soar to new heights.


Inside this important video, you’ll discover:

  • All about the materials and steps needed to create a successful pastel painting…
  • The wonderful qualities and nature of pastels and how to masterfully use them to create breathtaking artwork…
  • How to plan your painting’s composition like a pro even if you’re new
  • How to create a strong color theme so your painting will stand out on its own…
  • How to practically guarantee your pastel painting will be a successful head-turner…
  • Tips and strategies to make your pastel artwork “SING” and be a show-stopper…
  • …plus so much more information that will quickly turn you into a great pastelist.



Brenda is an amazing instructor.

She’s going to explain every step, encourage you along the way, and even guide you through the “mistakes” she makes.

The most important lesson you’ll discover inside is how to not let perfectionism get in the way - this alone could FREE you in ways that would surprise you.

This video is not to be missed.

Ensure your foundations are strong by learning the fundamentals straight from a renowned artist!


What You’ll Discover Inside Brenda’s “Pastel FUNdamentals”:

  • Brenda’s “Design Pyramid” (the ONE lesson you simply cannot miss) ...
  • How to design your painting to create a powerful impact with your painting…
  • How to achieve a harmonious pastel painting…
  • How to sort out a color theme…
  • Brenda’s “Feather Method” of applying darks…
  • How to keep pastel dust from spreading in the studio…
  • How to convey your intentions with mood…
  • How to create interesting and expressive marks…
  • The secrets of creating strong composition that will make your painting stand on its own…
  • How to convey a mood through color effectively…
  • The simple steps to create a harmonious tone…
  • How to overcome framing challenges for pastel paintings…
  • What Brenda does when a pastel stick breaks…
  • Why using sander surfaces will help with your mark making and texture…
  • How to apply the lights correctly (even experienced artists get this wrong) ...
  • Pro tips on applying Isopropyl alcohol…
  • PLUS: The strange “Underwear” approach to improve the foundation of your pastel paintings…
  • …and so much more!


Who is Brenda Boylan?

To Brenda, pastel is yummy. She simply loves pastel. 

Her excitement and having fun in this video is contagious. You might just fall in love with her signature giggle!

Brenda is not just any pastel artist too…

Since she could hold a crayon, Brenda has been fascinated by color and drawing. She recalls using crayons on paper, clay, paint, weaving bubble-gum wrappers, and anything she could get her hands on to express her curiosity and imagination. 

Her desire to be even better got stronger as she grew. She has earned a Bachelor of Science in Applied Art and Design at California Polytechnic State University… 

…earned Master recognition with the International Association of Pastel Societies and the Pastel Society of America…

…and also holds Signature status with the American Impressionist Society and the Northwest Pastel Society.

Her natural sense of balance, color, and design has provided immense joy and success with her art, and she wants YOU to experience this joy too.

Join Brenda as she shares her pastel secrets so you too can be a great pastelist just like her.


Chapter Breakdown 

  • Introduction
  • Materials & Tools
  • Set Up
  • Composition
  • The Design Pyramid
  • Color Theme
  • Painting Demonstration: The Underpainting
  • Painting Demonstration: Develop the Piece
  • Painting Demonstration: Final Adjustments



  • An interview with Brenda: Discover her background, style, and approach
  • Exhibit of Works: Access to a vast gallery of Brenda’s finished pastel landscapes for your creative inspiration.
  • High-Speed View: Watch Brenda create “There Sits a Sun-Baked Barn” painting in high-speed.

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Brenda Boylan: Pastel FUNdamentals

Fantastic! Brenda thoroughly explained then demonstrated every aspect of Pastel painting fora beginner like me.

Bill machi

All the video I have purchased have inspired and helped me become a better psinter