Carl Bretzke

Carl Bretzke: Sunset Secrets


Video Length: 9 Hours 15 Minutes
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What Carl Bretzke Brings to Your Sunset Paintings:
  • How to prepare to paint a sunset
  • The one color you MUST have to capture a sunset
  • A way to focus and likely enter that coveted FLOW state and just paint
  • Why a flashlight is necessary to a well-finished painting
  • The entire palette is ONLY these 16 colors
  • THIS type of brush is critical to getting the right effect
  • THESE are the 7 steps you MUST complete in 30 minutes to capture a sunset
  • You will need THIS type of light for your easel (yep, it’s going to get dark!)
  • Why there is a “studio side” to every great sunset painted en plein air
  • Why work on the ground plane is critical to the believability of your painting
  • Drawing and THIS step will speed up your process
  • The key to sky and cloud gradations finally explained AND demonstrated
  • Final adjustments made with THIS in mind
  • How to add artificial lights to your scene
  • Why a muted or hazy sky is amazing, and how to paint it
  • How to recognize the subtle color changes during a sunset
  • The BIG secret – Carl’s “Sunset Sequence” for perfectly capturing the magic of a sunset


Study sunsets until you figure them out, or…

Have you compared your sunsets painted en plein air (outside) to those of top artists like Carl Bretzke? Yes, it’s probably an unfair comparison, and here’s why…

Carl has literally studied sunsets. He has spent a major portion of his 20-year professional landscape-painting career studying how the light works at this time each day. He studied it as a doctor would study a patient … because he spent the first 30 years of his working life as a doctor.

You could invest that kind of time and money too. You could study the atmospheric conditions and the prismatic behavior of sunlight at sunset. Or you could dramatically speed up your learning curve and get Sunset Secrets by Carl Bretzke

“Sunset Sequence”

You’ll be delighted when you find that Carl has created a tiered process to help you consistently improve the quality of your sunset paintings. These 7 steps to flawlessly capture the brilliant colors of the setting sun will lead you to success much faster than you ever thought possible.

A sunset doesn’t last…

Time ticks by and those brilliant, rich, and saturated colors disappear. Sometimes it seems they stick around for only a minute. You look away and look back, and the sky is different. This makes it VERY challenging to get it just right. 

Bretzke’s Sunset SEQUENCE

This is why, after years of struggle, Carl Bretzke figured out a better way. He studied what happens. He studied the hyper-efficient use of focus during these critical 30 minutes (yes, that’s about all the time you have to get these colors down).

There are ONLY seven parts to this magic sequence. If THIS is the only part of his outstanding new video, Sunset Secrets, you truly learn, it will pay off for you big time! And I mean literally pay off, as more and more people will begin to notice you. It could mean that you’ll be able to sell more paintings at higher prices. People will find they can’t look away from your work.

It starts with a ground plane silhouette

Carl starts out knowing where the ground plane is and blocks that in before the sunset colors show themselves. He fully reviews all elements. This is a critical preparation step.

The Sunset Sequence is MIND-BLOWING

No matter if you are a beginner or a very experienced landscape painter, you will DEFINITELY get HUGE benefit from learning, absorbing, and using Carl’s Sunset Sequence.


Included in video:

  • Exhibit of Works
  • High-Speed View of Demo Painting
  • Interview with the artist


Chapter Outline

PART 1: Before You Go Out to Paint


  • Understanding Sunset & Dusk 
  • Materials
  • Plein Air Painting Process: learn Carl’s 7 steps to optimize your time when painting outside


PART 2: Painting the Sunset En Plein Air

Plein Air Demonstration: Setup & Silhouette

Plein Air Demonstration: Outline Shapes

Plein Air Demonstration: Paint the Sky

Plein Air Demonstration: Paint the Sun & Optical Scatter

Plein Air Demonstration: Paint the Clouds

Plein Air Demonstration: Refining

Plein Air Demonstration: Final Adjustments


PART 3: Painting the Sunset in the Studio, Day 1

Studio Demonstration: Outline Clouds & Block In the Sky

Studio Demonstration: Block In the Clouds & Water

Studio Demonstration: Paint the Sun, Sky & Clouds

Studio Demonstration: Paint the Ground Plane

Studio Demonstration: Develop the Painting


PART 4: Painting the Sunset in the Studio, Day 2

Studio Demonstration:  Build & Adjust

Studio Demonstration:  Final Touches


Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Carl Bretzke: Sunset Secrets

So much information relayed in an easy and fun way. A science lesson, a plein air painting, a study and a studio lesson all in one great video! Well worth the money for this amount of knowledge.

James M Fleeson
Excellent Video Course

Both this and Carl's video on Nocturnes are excellent video courses. Carl e great deal of time explaining the science behind painting light and how to apply this knowledge to painting believable sunsets.

Keith Demanche
Carl Bretzke: Sunset Secrets

So much information relayed in an easy and fun way. A science lesson, a plein air painting, a study and a studio lesson all in one great video! Well worth the m...

Chris Highfield
Excellent sunset painting seminar!

I fully recommend Carl Bretzke's seminar and study of sunsets. The skills of k owing the Golden Hour and how to set the right tone to the moment of a beautiful moment in the sky and all its features. I can never not notice the wonderful aspect and details of the sunset, why and how it forms when the best moments occur in the sunset thanks to Carl. Fully recommend!!

Joan Reno
Wonderful information

Although sunsets can get overworked, Carl explains how to make them more believable and artistic.