Douglas Fryer/Bill Davidson Combo


Video Length: 16 Hours
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Douglas Fryer: Painting with Intuition


Should an artist start a painting with a rock-solid plan or go with their heart and see what develops? For Douglas Fryer, the answer is both.

You’re about to discover that your best paintings will come when you blend a good plan with your own style of spontaneity.

Watch and listen carefully as Doug offers instruction and a complete demonstration of how an indirect, layered approach to your paintings can invite unexpected and fascinating surprises to emerge in your work.

This video course is just right for artists at every skill level who want to create high quality paintings and still showcase their own personal style.

Doug is a very intentional artist who has created techniques to deliberately bring in abstraction and simplification in order to open up the power of suggestion, intuition, and spiritual or psychological states. Doug’s methods give rise to the strong feelings viewers of your works will have that can’t be invoked by subject matter alone.

Doug is an expert at finding the perfect balance between planning your paintings and fully expressing yourself. Doug’s reassuring voice will help keep you focused on the learning and help you find a whole new excitement in putting these techniques to work for yourself.

We’ve paired this newly released video from Doug Fryer with one of our best sellers of all time — Glowing Landscapes with Bill Davidson


Here’s just a glimpse of what you’ll see with Bill

As a self-proclaimed “recovering lawyer”, Bill easily applies much of what he learned in that career to his current role as a professional artist and highly sought-after instructor.

From his courtroom trial experience, Bill is a master with words. As he teaches, you’ll pick up new concepts and ideas you’ve never heard before. Why is this?

Bill is highly gifted in presenting information in several different ways in order to appeal to each type of learner: visual, auditory, and kinesthetic (Keep in mind, many artists are a combination of these types).

Then, through Bill’s excellent demonstration, you’ll see exactly how he applies everything he teaches to his paintings.


Here’s a bit more of what you’ll experience when you study with Bill:

  • Accelerate your learning to improve your painting skills faster than you would ever believe
  • Work and re-work your beliefs … Bill helps you determine your path to success
  • Create a landscape painting with a gorgeous sunset
  • Everything you need to know about color harmonies
  • The best way to draw people’s attention to the focal area of your paintings
  • Reduce your time spent painting, while continuing to produce higher-quality work
  • The #1 thing you need in order to succeed as a painter (Hint: It’s nothard work and discipline!)
  • … And a whole lot more!


You’ll want to follow right along with Bill as he helps you create high-quality landscapes that truly glow.