Huihan Liu

Huihan Liu: The Oil Painting of Huihan Liu 2 Book


 Foreword from Allan J. Duerr

"I feel privileged to write a few comments about a wonderful artist and good friend. He tells a story with his paintings, a story that may have many different interpretations...he shows us the faces, the emotions and allows us to finish the story. His dedication to his craft is a passion. He feels very strongly that an artist must have good academic training, master the art of drawing, and understand form, composition and color before he or she can express their own passion for their subject matter."


Review from Johnnie Liliedahl

"Huihan Liu has been honored a second time by the Chinese government by publishing another book of his more recent works. This book differs from the first in that he explains his working process from the initial stages of the charcoal drawing and shows a painting in progress from initial idea to completed painting.

Many of Liu's paintings are based on his visits to China and Tibet, where painting on location is difficult, if not impossible. He relies on his drawings and photographs to compose paintings back in his studio in the U.S. that convey the sense of the country and its people in a culture that is rapidly being replaced by modern conveniences and dress.

He shows several of the initial drawings that were the first stages of the paintings showcased in this lovely book. For those of you who have purchased his DVD "Twilight in Tibet", there is a full page color plate of the painting featured in the book to give you a close-up view of the painting. The subject matter in the book ranges from street scenes to pastoral villages and tents, portraits of young and old, and beautiful landscapes.