Jeff Legg

Jeff Legg: Carnation, Plums, Brass


Video Length: 4 Hours 30 Minutes
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This is the last of the 3 demonstration paintings we filmed for Jeff Legg and is no less beautifully done than the first one, which won a 2nd place award at the national Oil Painters of America shortly after we filmed it.

Jeff is well known for his ability to capture the beauty of his skillfully arranged still-life setups and his knowledge and capability of keeping his audience informed as he paints is second to none.

Join Jeff as he creates yet another masterpiece in the last of this 3-video series. You won't be disappointed in either the quality of the video or his brilliant work!


Customer Reviews

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Muhammad Nasir
Jeff Legg: Carnations, Plums, & Brass

Full of knowledge and wisdom. True artist in action.

Excellent lesson

I have read articles on Jeff Legg's art, seen segments on Streamline Videos, but to watch a whole demonstration was indeed a treat. He takes you through all the steps and informs you of his decisions. When he mixes paint for certain parts of the painting, he sometimes uses a bit of it in other parts as well, so that the painting is very harmonious. I loved the way he did the background. He mixes a little black paint into quite a bit of Maroger medium, and glazes over the canvas which he toned with expressive brushwork, letting the latter peek out in places. I always thought from a distance, his painting looked very smooth, but I loved how, looking at the same piece close up, one can see all the brushwork, eg. on the pot. I enjoyed this video download thoroughly and will be watching it many times.

Sheila Bazleh
Had I Learnt Only One New Technique Here, it would have been Worth the Entire Cost of the Video!

The value I have gained from this video, even if it were for having learnt even one technique only, which for me was the medium Jeff uses, would have been worth the entire cost of the video! But I've learnt so much more. I learn more from watching and practicing. So, this video has been a wonderful source of expanding upon my technique and growing as an artist. Thank you, Jeff and thank you Liliedahl art instruction videos!

Susie Gallie
Love Jeff’s teaching style

I have bought all of Jeff's available titles available here, and I have learnt so very much! I cannot thank Jeff and Liliedahl enough to make these instruction videos available as downloads- if there were more available I'd buy those too!! Jeff is an amazing and patient teacher - well done!