Johanne Mangi

Johanne Mangi: The Fine Art of Painting Dog Portraits


Video Length: 4 Hours
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Discover Johanne Mangi’s COMPLETE Process To Adding Life, Expression, and Personality to Your Dog Portraits

Painting a convincing dog portrait isn’t easy … but it can be.


You’ve probably encountered at least one (if not all) of these common problems artists face when painting dogs:

  • The fur or hair looks too “neat” or “uniform,” and not something you’d love to run your hands over…
  • The eyes look almost human, instead of having that “magical” loving gaze dogs have for you…
  • The muzzle area looks cartoonish instead of realistic…
  • The painting LACKS the energy, expression, or personality of the dog


Painting dogs is not as easy as slapping on a few paints.

They deserve closer study, especially if you want to capture your pet’s unique personality properly on canvas.

Thankfully, there’s a way to paint your beautiful canine and capture their best features that you love so much.

In fact, even if you’re completely new to painting dogs, the right guidance could quickly speed up your understanding.

And don’t forget: Painting dog portraits can be an extremely lucrative skill.

Many dog owners would love to have a portrait of their beloved pet, but few artists can pull it off well.

The master artist responsible for the success the artists below have experienced is the legendary Johanne Mangi – renowned for being one of the world’s top dog portrait painters.

 is simply a must-have if you want to paint dogs successfully.

Inside, Johanne will reveal her entire process in great detail as she demonstrates the painting you see above.

What can you expect inside?

We couldn’t have said it better than this amazing review by fellow artist Leslie:

What really moved me about Johanne’s dog portrait DVD is her ability to teach simply; simply not because her painting method is an easy 1-2-3 connect the dots, but simply because her approach is very easy to understand as she explains things very well.

She arms you with her knowledge and holds nothing back. Using a minimal palette, she creates depth to her painting. Perhaps the most important lesson is understanding your values. Color will not hold up in a painting unless the values are correct, and she stresses this valuable point throughout the video.

“Johanne emphasizes not feeling married to your painting at any given stage. Remaining mentally flexible, and the ability to accept a roundabout route, change directions at any given time, and move forward is key. As she states, it is only paint, forgiving by nature, and easily manipulated.

“In closing, what I enjoy most from Johanne’s video is that she comes across naturally, feeling comfortable in her own skin as if she were speaking only to the person in front of her. I highly recommend this video.”

– Leslie


Here’s a small taste of what you’ll discover inside The Fine Art of Painting Dog Portraits:

  • The complete painting process for successful dog portraits taught by renowned animal artist Johanne Mangi
  • Key brush techniques to paint realistic-looking fur, including the RIGHT type of brush to use
  • How to paint magical, loving eyes instead of lifeless "marbles" (NEVER just put a “dot” on the eyes!)
  • Techniques to paint a good-looking nose
  • How LIMITING your color palette will IMPROVE your values
  • What to do when the canvas is working AGAINST you
  • Composition tips and ideas for more unique portraits
  • Crucial color-mixing tips for those using a limited palette
  • How to fix mistakes easily and quickly
  • How master artist Johanne uses the “grid system” for her portraits
  • Important “body structure” studies you must know before you paint a dog
  • What to look for when you can’t see what you’re drawing or painting (covered by fur, poor light, etc.)
  • Johanne’s specific criteria when choosing photos for the best outcome (and what to watch out for)
  • “​Brush” away the confusion! Synthetic vs. natural hair – which one’s better?
  • The critical mistake of NOT knowing where certain body parts are (and how to make your dog portrait ALIVE and BELIEVABLE by uncovering them)
  • A simple way to paint the strands of hair at the edge of a dog’s ear
  • ​How to avoid common errors in aligning facial features such as the eyes
  • ​What you need to watch out for if you’re painting a smooth-haired dog
  • …and much, much more!


Who is Johanne Mangi?

Johanne Mangi with her gorgeous model, Sam the Wonder Dog!


Dogs have always been an important part of Johanne’s life.

She’s well known for having dogs at her workshops, which, according to her, “is an extremely important element for keeping the paintings fresh and alive.”

She’s not just saying that…

Her skilled brushwork makes her canine portraits “pop” with life, character, and expression.

She has an amazing ability to capture the soul of the animal and place it onto the canvas, a skill that can turn your dog portrait into a treasured heirloom.

If you have the chance to watch her paint, you’ll agree that she has a great understanding of how a dog feels and moves.

She has a keen eye for capturing elements of the dog most artists miss, which is why Johanne is such an incredible teacher.

Her art education has been self-directed … working and studying with Kathy Anderson, Scott Burdick, Michelle Dunaway, Daniel J. Keys, Christine Lafuente, Sue Lyon, and Colley Whisson of Australia.

In addition, she has hosted workshops with brilliant artists such as David Shevlino, Charlie Hunter, and Stanley Bielen.

She has also studied extensively with Sherrie McGraw (drawing and painting) and considers her a prized mentor.

Today, she’s a valued juried member of the Salmagundi Club NYC, Oil Painters of America, and American Impressionist Society, as well as the Portrait Society of America.

Johanne teaches throughout the U.S., currently including Village Arts of Putney, Scottsdale Artists’ School in Arizona, Whidbey Island Fine Art Studio in Washington, Madeline Island School of Art in Wisconsin, and Creative Arts Center in Cape Cod, Massachusetts.

The lucky few who have attended Johanne’s workshops all agree that she’s an absolutely phenomenal instructor.

Customer Reviews

Based on 21 reviews
Ann Arnold
Johanne Mangi: The Fine Art of Painting Dog Portraits

Definitely a review of 5! Personally I loved the last session best because you did struggle getting JUST the effect you wanted and you showed us to keep working it out until you GET it! Johanne, you are an amazing Artist and Teacher!!! Learned SO much from this video. Thank you for sharing!!! I' about to paint a border collie with crazy pupils, I feel I can do her justice now after watching your video. Thanks again....

Marie K Lynch
Johanne Mangi: The Fine Art of Painting Dog Portraits

Love watching a pro work, both the artist Joanne and the pooch!!! Joanne, please give us a complete materials list we can print. Watched a couple of times to...

Robert FERD Frank
What a helpful class.. I loved it

THis class is just what I needed to get me moving forward with dog paintings. Johanne's technique is just wonderful. I posted a painting of my dog on social media and immediately started getting commissions Thank you Johanne

Harriet Porter
Johanne Mangi Painting the Dog

She did a wonderful job of inspiring me and I am now painting my second dog portrait since viewing it!

Johanne Mangi painting the dog

I already paint dogs and gave quite a following but I knew I could do better and really wanted to learn Joanne's loose way of capturing the dog. I would love to rake one of her workshops.