Johnnie Liliedahl

Johnnie Liliedahl: Old World Maidens Vol. 2



The six (6) projects contained on this CD, when viewed or printed, are exact reproductions of the original, printed versions. The user has complete control of the viewing process and may choose to print any or all of the included documentation, as desired. Printing images in color requires the user to have a color printer.


The CD contains the following information for viewing and/or printing for each of the projects:
81 pages of instructions
32 Full-Color images; Color Swatch Reference Guides (displayed in color on user's computer monitor for easy reference; requires a color printer to print in color)
Line Drawings included for the user to print and enlarge to the painting size of their choice.

Farmer's Daughter
SIZE: 12" x 16"
TECHNIQUE: Underpainting Glazes, Overpainting Techniques.
CONTENTS: 13 Pages, 3 Color Images, Color Swatches, Cartoon Line Drawing.
The lowly peasant was elevated to a noble subject by the painters of the 18th Century. They were represented by the French masters Millais, Millet, LePage, and LaThangue as the salt of the earth. Their paintings were admired and have stood the test of time by continuing to speak of the modern aesthetic. This painting is executed in the style and composition of those painters, attempting to show the solidity of the earthy women used to hard work, and that they can be beautiful without being prettified.
The Goose Girl
SIZE: 22" x 28"
TECHNIQUE: Modified Grisaille, Opaque Overpainting.
CONTENTS: 21 Pages, 5 Color Images, Color Swatches, Cartoon Line Drawing.
This painting is executed in the manner of the French artist Jules Bastien-LePage, who influenced a whole generation of his contemporaries. He painted in the overcast light of daylight when there was no strong sunlight effect. His light was cool and constant, unlike that of the cast-shadow, bright, sunny day. The results of such a setting were the wonderful tonal paintings produced by LePage and his followers.
Each mass within the painting is rather flat, exhibiting no light/dark extremes of value. The vertical forms of the distant hedge and trees become a dark shape showing few highlights. The ground melts in one large, amorphous mass, appearing as a light plane against which all the vertical forms contract.
Since the light is cool, there is little aerial perspective which could indicate distance. The absence of direct, warm, bright sunlight eliminates the warmest colors and drastic contrast, which would be available on a sunny day.
A Walk in the Park
SIZE: 16" x 20"
TECHNIQUE: Transparent Underpainting, Glazing.
CONTENTS: 17 Pages, 4 Color Images, Color Swatches, Cartoon Line Drawing.
NOTE: Easy project for beginners.
This painting was inspired by those of the impressionists who painted their contemporaries in Paris strolling through parks, such as the one presented here.
The ladies wore their Sunday finery and strolled to see and be seen. In the days before the mass television media, one had to frequent the fashion parades to keep up with the latest in street wear.
A Bouquet for Charlotte
Dream Girl
The Fainting Couch