Larry Moore

Larry Moore: The Creativity Course: Finding Your Unique Painting Language


Video Length: 5 Hours
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Transform Your Art From Ordinary To Outstanding By BREAKING FREE From All The Rigid Rules That Hold Your True Art Back


Discover How to Trust Your Creative Instincts

and Find an Artistic Voice That’s Unmistakably Yours! 

If you’re tired of looking to others for your solutions, this is the class for you. It’s not a ‘how to paint something to look like something’ class. It’s a ‘how to be authentically you’ class. Museums aren’t filled with the same kind of work. The walls are lined with artwork created by rule-breakers and game-changers. I’m going to show you how to make your own rules. 

— Larry Moore


What's the difference between one painting that mesmerizes and captivates, and another that barely catches a glance?

Some say it's technique, but if that were all that mattered, then how come even technically flawless paintings can be overlooked?

The truth is that it's not just about the precision of your strokes.

And it's not just about the vividness of your palette.

Nor is it solely about the subject you choose.

The answer lies in the unique voice and bold choices of the artist that can’t be copied or replicated by anyone else

So let me ask you…

What if you could create art that’s so recognizable, viewers could easily know it’s your work?

What if you could be the artist who does NOT do the same thing everyone else is doing?

What if you could become the artist who can make confident decisions that make your paintings stand out?

Discovering your unique identity is the next step in every artist’s journey … and renowned creativity coach Larry Moore is here to lead you to that revelation.

The Creativity Course: Finding Your Unique Painting Language is about understanding the true application of “artistic freedom” and what it means to express yourself authentically.

This video isn’t your typical “how to paint like me” video.

Instead of teaching you how to paint like him (or anyone else!), Larry’s going to shape your mindset, empowering you to express your deepest artistic vision that originates from your own creative mind.

This is vital because true art isn’t about conforming — it’s a celebration of your unique identity and vision.

Using his vast experience as a creativity coach, Larry will empower you to paint not just with a style that’s distinctly yours, but with fearless conviction and authoritative confidence.

Larry will guide you in forging your own artistic path, free from templates, gimmicks, or rules set by others.

He’s going to help you peel back layers of influence and expectation, revealing the raw, genuine artist within.

Come and join Larry Moore in his new course as he shares career-defining skills that will help to shatter your own limiting beliefs.

You’ll get to explore exciting new ways of self-expression — approaches that will not only win admiration, but also inspire and nurture your confidence in your own artistic self!

Inside, you’ll get demonstrations in two mediums: gouache for studies that help you explore possibilities, and then an oil painting demonstration tohelp you connect theory and practice for a holistic understanding.


What You’ll Discover Inside:

  • How to make your own rules in art and not be the same as everyone else…
  • A simpler, better way to think about design (you’ll love this eye-opening lesson)
  • How to avoid creating art that blends in with everyone else’s…
  • Secrets to making people notice your art and your artistry…
  • Discover “The Language of Art”— how to convey your message clearly, using the essential tools of visual art…
  • Insights on mastering creative problem-solving (all artists need to know this!)
  • How to discover your unique voice and unleash it onto your canvas, and to the world…
  • A deep dive into “The 7 Principles of Creative Expression” and how to craft your own identity using those principles…
  • A mind-expanding lesson called “The Search for Ideas” that shows you how to see endless possibilities, even with the same reference…
  • How to figure out what truly matters when creating art that resonates and connects…
  • Exploratory gouache studies and how this medium can influence your work in oil, or other mediums, in a positive way…
  • How to be confident in trusting your creative gut instinct, and exercises to develop it…
  • Learn the process of creative exploration and how to separate yourself from your reference...
  • How to self-assess and self-analyze your art to make it even better and more impactful by relying on your instincts…
  • A full painting demonstration (Larry works in oil with an array of tools and both traditional and experimental techniques) to help you connect theory and practice for a holistic understanding…
  • PLUS: How to be a fully independent artist who doesn’t rely on someone else’s opinions!
  • and so many more incredible lessons that will catapult your artistry to greater heights!



Meet Your Creativity Coach, Larry Moore!

Larry Moore is a seasoned artist renowned for his diverse approaches to creativity. He is widely recognized as a true master of visual communication.

His journey spans over five decades, with a career that includes advertising, design, fine art, and illustration. His creativity knows no bounds, extending to almost every medium and style imaginable, shaping him into the versatile artist he is today​​​​.

He’s a Gold Medalist from the Society of Illustrators NY (2005) and a Best of Show winner at the Carmel Plein Air Festival the same year​​. His work has graced the walls of prestigious museums including the Society of Illustrators Museum in New York and the National Museum of Wildlife Art, testifying to his profound impact on the art community​​.

As an instructor and creativity coach, Larry stands out. He has been shaping minds since 1990, teaching various subjects from plein air painting to advanced illustration and creative thinking.

His unique teaching style, which combines critical thinking with creative exploration, empowers artists to not just enhance their technique, but to expand the horizons of their artistic thought and play​​.

Larry’s a creativity coach who doesn’t just teach art, but redefines it. His approach to teaching is not about replicating techniques, it’s about igniting the spark of creativity, employing proven strategies to beat self-doubt, and guiding you to find your unique artistic voice.

In his workshops, Larry encourages you to ask "Why?" instead of "What?" — a transformative philosophy that leads to a deeper understanding and more profound artistic expression.

“When you are truly authentic and believe in what you are doing, other people will too.”
— Larry Moore



Chapter Breakdown

  1. Introduction
  2. The Language of Art
  3. The 7 Principles of Creative Expression
  4. Gouache Tools & Materials
  5. The Search for Ideas
  6. Discovery Demo #1
  7. Discovery Demo #2
  8. Oil Painting Tools & Materials
  9. Comprehensive Oil Painting Demonstration


Extra Bonuses:

  • High Speed View of the demonstration for your painting convenience
  • Exhibit of Works by Larry Moore for your creative inspiration
  • Insights and motivation from Larry


Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Marc Zepeda

After viewing this video I feel I have a way to break out of boundaries that confined me into a particular style. I learned a new found freedom on painting. I have a set of gouache paints now, and I see how important it is to paint different versions of the setting I choose and try different color choices. Great instructional video

Teresa Burant
Larry Moore: The Creativity Course: Finding Your Unique Painting Language

So excited to add this video to my library! I have had the pleasure of taking a couple of online workshops with Larry Moore and gleaned so much from his "Fishing for Elephants" book. Now, "The Creativity Course" video will give me 24/7 access to review tidbits & treasures from this creative genius. Thank you for taking the time to make it happen.

Bette Caffrey
I love this video. Larry Moore gave me permission to be myself.

This video was so inspiring and great fun. I found great value in experimenting with various ideas and trying a new medium. All very worth while.

Beverly Smith
Love to learn

I learned so much from this artist's video. Larry knows so much from all of his studies in art. He shares everything in a friendly manner that is easy to understand and always accessible at the level needed.
Larry shares his thought process with generosity and just the right amount of humor to make this serious tool a pleasure to watch more than once.

Gabriel Stockton
Be amazed

I've had an opportunity to learn from Larry Moore, and he is a very knowledgeable about Gouache and how to put together a well-designed painting… my vocabulary grew extensively from his knowledge of artist and art history in his hunger to finding wonderful things to paint. Thank you, Larry Moore