Nathalie Kalbach

Nathalie Kalbach: Acrylic Painting Workshop - Creating Canvas Textures

Video Length: 1 Hour 38 Minutes
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The most exciting canvases are the ones that entice us to touch them, even if we know we shouldn’t! In Acrylic Painting Workshop: Creating Canvas Textures, Nathalie Kalbach teaches you, and student Kristy Conlin, how to make your own temptingly textured canvases.

First, you’ll learn how to create a heavily layered canvas using found objects such as tissue paper, metal parts, ribbon, thread and more. Then reveal and unify the textures created using gesso and paint. As you work alongside Nathalie, you’ll then learn to create more textures using molding paste, heavy body acrylic paint, gesso, stencils and stamps. Finally, you’ll experiment with Effect Media including Glass Beads, Black Lava and Natural Sand for the ultimate tactile painting experience!


This video includes:

  • Includes 24 techniques for creating and revealing textures
  • Learn how to add layer upon layer of texture using found objects


About the Artist

Nathalie Kalbach is a self-taught mixed-media artist born in Germany, now residing in Jersey City, New Jersey. Nathalie worked as a paralegal for seventeen years, and might have remained in the wrong profession had she not discovered mixed-media painting in 2004. She has designed stencils for StencilGirl Products and stamps and templates for Stampendous. Nathalie teaches in-person and online workshops and is a faculty member of the Mixed Media division at Pratt Institute SCPS. For Nathalie, creating art is a dialogue between her skills and the supplies she uses, and she loves exploring new and old ways to apply paint and colors to her artwork. 


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Wonderful Video

Loved this video!!!!! She truly showed you how to build up the canvas! She was also a wonderful teacher!!!! Would buy another one of her videos!