Patti Mollica

Patti Mollica: Acrylic Painting Brushwork Techniques Fast Loose Bold

Video Length: 1 Hour 33 Minutes
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Improve your acrylic painting skill with fast, loose, and bold instruction from Patti Mollica!

In this video workshop Patti Mollica will explore the color wheel, teach you about color schemes, and give you a good understanding of color relationships.

You'll go through four color exercises with Patti as your guide and learn to translate one value plan into four different color schemes. Along the way, you'll learn tips for working with a complementary color scheme, ways to work on a triadic color scheme, and how to achieve color harmony in your paintings. Plus, most importantly, you'll learn to take a playful and exploratory approach to color--your painting won't be bound by only using the colors you see in your reference material.

Once you learn the essentials of value foundations, you can play with color and have fun incorporating any colors that suit your artist vision. The key to making color work is learning rules, then learning to have fun with your painting!

Patti will first teach you the importance of values, then she'll lead you through three different value plan exercises. In the three exercises, you'll use only three values and learn that there are many ways to interpret the same subject. With each exercise you'll explore a different value plan, and in doing so you'll understand how easy it is to portray a subject simply while still conveying a strong message. After you master the basics with the three value plan exercises, you'll follow along with Patti and convert one of your value studies into color, step by step.

Learn how to simplify value into just black, white, and gray. Plus, discover tips for simplifying what you see and developing a strong, confident composition.



Patti Mollica works in both oils and acrylics, but prefers acrylics as a vehicle for infinite versatility and personal expression. The author of several books on acrylic and color, Patti teaches workshops around the US. You can find Patti's artwork in the private and corporate collections of American Express, Sheraton Hotels, CBS and RCA Records, Penguin Press, Mellon Bank and many others.


Customer Reviews

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Andrea Johnson
Patti Mollica Fast Loose and Bold

She makes art make sense! Everything is broken down to the easiest form and explained brilliantly! Patti Rocks!

Vladan Ignatovic
From an Artist

I purchased the course to broaden my knowledge, both in painting, and presenting the art skills. Patti's demos are all to the point.

Valeh Levy
Patti Mollica’s painting courses really strengthen your painting muscles!

Patti Mollica is a remarkable and highly effective painting instructor who has a clarity and organization to her instruction that is easy for beginners and advanced painters to grasp and immediately put into practice.
I own all of her DVD's, books, and now will purchase the streaming versions for instant access to her voice of clarity wherever am am!

Sue Gudmundson
Improved my painting by miles

This course of Pattis is fantastic. She gives a mix of general theory, fabulous demos and then lots of practical application. She is a flexible open teacher with so much experience relevant to the topic! Totally worth purchasing