Roger Dale Brown

Roger Dale Brown: A Passion For Painting Hardcover Book


A PASSION FOR PAINTING aptly describes Roger Dale Brown and his life-long fervor for artistic excellence. Even a casual visit to his studio will unveil his dedication and commitment for painting. Eye-opening, massive landscapes stand on his easel and adorn the walls, waiting for transit to eager gallery owners and collectors from Maine to Montana. Looking around, the viewer is drawn not so much by the detail as by the subtleness of design and colors on canvas.


These pages are embellished with over 200 images from the brush of one of America’s premier landscape artists – Roger Dale Brown. Although his Southern heritage emerges throughout this book, he equally embraces the culture and ambiance from other places then interprets the scene with his signature mixture of oil paint. No matter where the book is opened, the journey through script and illustration are alluring.

“The artist’s ultimate aim should be to evoke the mood of a strand of time,” Roger reflects. “I use the scene as a platform to create from, instead of being literal to it. God made us creative. If we are being literal to a scene and do not interpret with our own voice, we are depriving ourselves of using the talent given to us to its greatest capability.”

Follow Roger as he travels through life, exploring regions of this country and abroad. The paintings he renders are tributes to his craftsmanship, an artistic voice that is clearly A Passion For Painting.

Fine Art is unique unto itself and should always be one of a kind. When you look at fine art you are looking through a window into the artist individuality and their perception of the world around them. Beauty has always held our attention and It has always been a common element that humanity can revolve around. All my work is conceptualized and hand painted by me. There are no other artist’s or computers involved in the creation of my work. This is my guaranty for the viewer and the collector.
-Roger Dale Brown