Thomas W. Schaller

Thomas W. Schaller's Ultimate Watercolor Masterclass



Filmed over 4 full days, this video is like the insider’s guide to the mind of a master watercolorist.


Here’s a quick look at what Thomas Schaller brings to you in this in-depth workshop: 

  • Methods, techniques, and tools Thomas has discovered, used, and perfected to create his award-winning art
  • Structure and philosophy behind his approach to art
  • Principles to be applied to manmade, architectural, figure, portrait, landscape, and perspective
  • Thomas’ view of painting as storytelling
  • How to use a visual diary
  • The four keys Thomas uses when approaching every painting
  • Secrets to subject and format
  • How to organize the three basic values
  • The best brushes to use, every day
  • The secret to painting wet-on-wet
  • Power of perspective — one-, two-, and three-point perspective
  • Simple sketching and drawing tips
  • Thomas’ secret to painting trees and rocks
  • Stonework secrets
  • Shadows that bring depth and detail to your painting
  • How to connect earth, sky, and atmosphere with the manmade
  • Painting water with watercolors
  • And so much more!

Learning from master artist Thomas Schaller offers you the opportunity to to advance your watercolor painting skills to an award-winning level. Tom presented this workshop over four full days and now you have the chance to own the video of this workshop so you can go through it at your own pace and on your own timeline.

It’s not very often that you can commit four days to attending an in-person workshop, especially when most workshops require a registration fee you’ll incur travel, lodging, and meal expenses. This is a great reason to own this thorough workshop on video — all of the benefits without the expense.

Because you’ll have a chance to absorb everything Tom teaches and paint right along with him, this workshop is going to allow you to tap into your own imagination, helping you feel more confident, happier, and more optimistic — about your art and about yourself. Gone are the days of going it alone … study with one of the most highly accomplished artists of our time and see how that helps you advance your own skills.

You’ll gain more from this workshop than you probably have in years of attending single workshops and classes. Designed to accelerate your skills, up the quality of your work, and gain the confidence and satisfaction you need to continue to become a better and better artist.

Take a closer look at what you’ll experience in the Ultimate Watercolor Workshop:

  • Specific drawing and painting exercises designed for your participation
  • Several full painting demonstrations
  • Methods for listening to your inner voice and letting it guide you
  • New and unexpected ways to express what your art has to say
  • Not just how to paint, but what to paint
  • Plus, lots more!

A Better Way to Learn

You’ll view the Ultimate Watercolor Workshop on the app and the system will keep track of your viewing history.  

If you need to take a break from the workshop, the app will remember where you stopped watching, and help you pick up right where you left off.

You can watch the digital version on an iPhone, tablet, desktop, Samsung SmartTV, AppleTV, Amazon Fire, and Roku. While these apps will not track your viewing progress like will, sometimes you just want to use your favorite app!

Workshop Outline

  1. Finding Your own artistic voice — The difference between what we look at and what we actually see as unique individuals.
  2. The Big Picture: Approach and Philosophy — What we choose to paint and why. These are the driving forces that keep artists motivated and allow you to stand out from other artists.
  3. The Natural World — Exercises, demonstrations, and discussion on painting elements of the non-man made world: skies, water, reflections, landscape, atmosphere. In-depth exercises in composition, value, and establishing depth in our work.
  4. The Man-made World — More exercises, demonstrations, and discussion but, this time, on the subjects of architecture and cityscapes. Various means of perspective and depth will be covered, as well as ways of editing, making complex subject matter less daunting, and even effective ways of painting the human figure into the urban landscape.
  5. Interpretation — Tom will help you look at the world in new ways, find interest in subjects you may have ignored before, and how to paint purely from reference photos.