Scott Christensen

Scott Christensen: Three Landscape Studies


Video Length: 3 Hours
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In the first demonstration, Scott teaches you how to combine field studies to create a studio painting. In the following two demonstrations, painted in his studio, he shows you how to approach situations you encounter when painting en plein air.


Demonstration #1: "South Park Summer"

"It is important to capture a sense of place in a landscape painting. You want the spontaneity of the outdoor study when referencing sketches in the studio (for example, one for clouds and composition, another for color). You try to paint as if you are in the field, keying your painting in quickly with strong shapes and correct values, capturing your critical information first, knowing what can be left until last."

Demonstration #2: "Warbonnet Rock Fields"

"In a field study, when the cloud shadow pattern is critical to the design, you must render that shape first. Once your design is established, put in your darkest darks and lightest lights. Take twenty minutes to cover as much canvas as you can with information you will need in the studio

Demonstration #3: "Salisbury Sunset"

"Sunsets give you ten to fifteen minutes of real time before the color fades and the light is too dark to paint outdoors. You need to work small and fast. This is where knowledge precedes execution: the more you study prior to setting up outside, the better your field studies will be."


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francoise GALLAND
3 Landscapes!

I really enjoyed your video 3 Landscapes! and you're a great teacher I should say + I UNDERSTAND YOUR English EASILY!