Thomas Jefferson Kitts

Thomas Jefferson Kitts: Sargent - Techniques of a Master


Video Length: 16 Hours 53 Minutes
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In this video, you’ll discover:

  • Why “scraping off” passages in your paintings is a must-do!
  • “Painting slowly with haste” is not as impossible as it sounds
  • How values and color work together (Thomas shows you in depth!)
  • Sargent's technique for drawing directly with a brush (game-changer!)
  • Substitute modern paints in Sargent’s color palette — what’s old can be made new!
  • Remove the mystery of mediums  — from Sargent’s time till now
  • Master brushstrokes to express your personal style — here’s how!
  • Why Sargent went from being popular to unpopular and then back to popular again
  • Sargent’s brush selection was different than you might think. (Let Thomas show you he’s discovered!) 
  • How preparation pays off big time (You’ll never paint the same again!)
  • Painting mediums that can make all the difference — just what you need to know right now!
  • Avoiding line work is the secret to building solid form
  • “Five value break” and how to use it
  • Planning your painting, including the sketches and studies
  • How Sargent’s eyesight may have influenced his paintings
  • And much, much more…


John Singer Sargent … the  great master painter of timeless portraits and elegant figures. His paintings have inspired and influenced artists for over a century. But due to limited documentation, artists have been trying for decades to understand Sargent’s techniques. 

 Wouldn’t it be great to understand Sargent’s methods to help you become a better painter?

Artist Thomas Jefferson Kitts has been on a lifelong quest to understand how Sargent painted. Was Sargent slow and deliberate, or fast and reckless? After intense study, Kitts believes he’s found the answers artists have been searching for. We asked him to capture these techniques on video for all to discover.

Through this video, you can immerse yourself in an in-depth exploration of Sargent’s working methods. Follow along as Thomas Jefferson Kitts paints a full start-to-finish demonstration of an original painting, Up in the Old Apple Tree. Through his painting, in the style of Sargent, you’ll get a glimpse of how the master may have painted two figures in authentic period costumes.

Thomas is exactly the modern master to bring Sargent’s brilliant insight to your work. In this video, he shows you why Sargent was Sargent.


Discover Sargent’s Flair

Generations have been inspired by the beautiful paintings Sargent created with so much flair and style. Artists all over the world see his work as the standard for painting beautiful portraits. In this video, you will learn compositional tips, how Sargent painted edges, and when to use texture and when not to. You’ll experience the mastery of Sargent’s brushstrokes. See how a modern, award-winning master painter like Thomas applies Sargent’s principles to enhance his own work — something you too can achieve.


Thomas Jefferson Kitts Teaches John Singer Sargent Techniques

There’s no better artist than Thomas Jefferson Kitts to introduce you to the world of John Singer Sargent. Thomas is a renowned artist who teaches frequently, travels extensively, and maintains a distinguished exhibition history throughout the U.S. His work is showcased in numerous art publications, museums, and major exhibitions, as well as residing in many private collections throughout North America.

Thomas has also been featured in several issues of PleinAir magazine and named an Artist to Watch by The Informed Collector. He is a multiple-time Raymar Art and PleinAir Salon Finalist. Thomas has been a guest lecturer at three Plein Air Convention & Expo (PACE) events.


Customer Reviews

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Maryam Balali
Thomas Jefferson Kitts: Sargent- Techniques of a Master

Thomas explains his process really well. This was one of the best courses I have bought.

Maryam Balali
Thomas Jefferson Kitts: Sargent- Techniques of a Master

Thomas explains his process really well. This was one of the best courses I have bought.

Duane L.
Great start

As with his Sorolla video, Thomas does a great job on the first disk of his Sargent video set. However, the remaining three disks seem to fizzle out the farther he goes into them. By the end, I felt like he abandoned Sargent altogether and just tried to come up with a good painting by any means. I would still recommend the video just because of the amount of good information in disk one. My only criticism with the first disk is the angle the video was shot from. The reference is a straight-ahead shot while the canvas is at a slight angle. This left me with the illusion that his proportions were off. I know it is difficult to shoot both reference and canvas simultaneously from a straight on view without Thomas getting in the way of the painting, but it would have improved the video to show his view of the painting when he stepped back to view his progress. Instead, we get a view of him talking about what he sees. In the second disk, when he does more detail work, there is more viewing over his shoulder as he paints. Despite the negative comments, I found a lot of great information in the video and still recommend it. I have watched his Sorolla video three times and think it is much better than this video, but both have valuable information for artists on all levels and I am pleased to have both in my video collection.

Nancy Curran
Thomas Jefferson Kitts

I thought it was a fascinating video. He did a beautiful job

Betsy S Ogles
Excellent Demonstration

Thank you to Streamline for providing the long video previews of lessons from wonderful artists like Thomas Jefferson Kitts. After watching the free preview I knew I wanted to own the entire lesson. It is a detailed, complete lesson full of tips and artistic education related to John Singer Sargent, painting in oil, design, color temperatures, and so much more. He paints his own design in the style of a John Singer Sargent painting, complete with his models dressed in period clothing. Throughout the lesson, Thomas tells you what he is doing and why. This lesson is so fabulous that it lead me to purchase Thomas' DVD on Sorolla, which is an equally wonderful lesson.