William A. Schneider

William A. Schneider: Design Secrets of the Masters


Video Length: 3 Hours 30 Minutes
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This video provides some excellent information and instruction on how one can achieve placement, value and color balance using tools that may or may not be well known to you, such as:

  • Dominant Color / Harmony / Discords
  • Munsell Color System
  • Loomis Basic Value Schemes
  • Aristides "Armature" of the rectangle
  • Root rectangles
  • Mucha's Ratio System
  • Edgar Payne "Stems"
  • Schneider also provides examples of masterworks and explains how they have used the design systems mentioned above during the composition and design of these paintings.


While this video is essential for those who have learned the craft of painting and are now on the road to creating their own, personal artistic compositions, it is sure to be useful to those who are also more experienced. Providing information that you have not yet been exposed to in your painting career, William Schneider's "Design Secrets" gives you an opportunity for improving your own compositions.

This video does include a short oil painting demo of a still life setup, but it is done only as an example of the design and compositional elements referenced throughout the video, and is not intended to be a "finished" work.