Joshua LaRock

Joshua LaRock: Classical Portraits

Video Length: 16 Hours

Included in this video course:

  • The ONE thing that will be a game-changer in your paintings
  • There WILL be problems (here’s how to overcome them!)
  • Become a super-sleuth (how good investigative skills lead to better paintings!)
  • The benefits of painting in layers (you’ll be convinced!)
  • Create amazing effects (you’ll wish you had known this years ago!)
  • Discover a newfound sense of clarity (this is sure to help you paint better!)
  • The trouble (and solutions!) with flesh tones
  • Get THIS right and your painting will be off to a good start
  • Easily progress past hurdles and confidently move forward
  • Translate the illusion of dimension (Josh shows you how)
  • Stop competing with reality … without losing your own touch
  • Things are not always as you see them (understand this and your paintings will improve!)
  • How tricking your mind will yield big results!
  • Learn the language of value, hue, and chroma (you’ll be your own translator!)
  • Glazing and scumbling — all the details!
  • Create subtle changes through palette management (this is pure gold!)
  • Achieve more accurate drawings by using this unconventional technique (it’s all here!)
  • Help your eyes develop a healthy distrust of what they see!
  • … And so much more!


Within the first few minutes of watching this video, you’ll know you’ve made the right decision by studying with Joshua LaRock.

He has the ability to constructively lead you to a much better understanding of what it takes to create a painting that has depth and meaning … a painting that will draw viewers in and allow them to see the emotion you intended. You’ll quickly see that Josh’s skill at making subtle adjustments throughout a painting will lead you to getting your own paintings right where you want them.

Throughout this video, Josh presents multiple problem-solving tools and ideas you can apply in your own artwork. For example, you’ll appreciate the importance of his layering techniques, which give you the opportunity to adjust your painting as it progresses. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at how much everything changes and begins to “glow” as you add layers.

Joshua LaRock is internationally recognized as a preeminent figurative artist. His exquisite paintings are an ode to the past, filtered through a contemporary life. His portraits and narrative pieces are memorable both for their emotive quality and for evoking an eerily present feeling. 

Josh spent over a decade trying to learn and discover these techniques, and had something like this been available to him when he started, chances are it would have sped up his learning curve and made him reach this stage of painting much sooner. 

You don’t have to go through all that … simply order Classical Portraits with Joshua LaRock and you’ll be learning from one of the best artists today. 


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