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Michele Byrne: Painting Impressionistic Figures


Video Length: 2 Hours 54 Minutes
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Do You Want to Learn the Simple Secrets to Rock Your Paintings and Create Stunning Impressionistic Figures?

Do you remember the first time you held a paintbrush?

Do you remember that feeling of unlimited possibility you felt before the brush touched the canvas?

Would you like to revisit that feeling by learning a new and exciting way of painting outdoors or in the studio?


Think about it: 

When you put figures in your paintings, it makes your painting come alive.

But most of the figures you see in paintings are not believable.

That's about to change.

Imagine a cafe setting where you hear multiple lively conversations going on at once…

…you smell the crisp aroma of ground Arabica coffee beans brewing and the sweetness of pastry dough rising in tiny ovens...

....you see dozens of intricate movements, like the grand and sweeping arc of a waiter setting down his serving tray, the subtle way a young man leans in as he talks to his friend sitting next to him, or the gentle whisk of a woman's hair being brushed behind her ear.

Suddenly a rich and lively story begins to form, and you're remembering that pure and almost childlike wonder that you experienced the first time you held a brush.

You'd love to capture your experience, but maybe you're running into the THREE most common things that hold people back:

  • Lack of time
  • Lack of technique
  • Inability to create believable figures
  • The simple solution?

Learn a style that allows you to do MORE in LESS time - giving you the skills you need to paint faster.

And if there are gaps in your technique?

You find the right teacher! 

If you love the idea of painting outdoors or in the studio but you're facing any one of these problems right now, then you'll be happy to know that there IS a solution.

Her name is Michele Byrne

Michele Byrne Can Show You How to Paint Gallery-Quality Paintings Fast.

And Michele knows something most painters don't understand … figures make paintings sell!

Michele is an incredibly talented painter whose critically acclaimed work currently hangs in galleries and homes all over the United States, including the permanent collection of the Bennington Museum in Vermont!

She's been featured in several prestigious events, galleries, and publications, and received dozens of awards in some of the most competitive art shows in the U.S.

One glance at her work and you can see why it's tremendously popular with collectors. She has developed a signature style.

Michele has gained worldwide recognition for her enchanting and expressive plein air and studio work, where she captures those immediate and fleeting moments that make up a wonderful composition.

Simply put, Michele loves painting stories … and she's very, very good at it. She often uses scenes in busy cafes, jazz clubs, and other places that are full of life and movement.

In her own words:

"The sounds, the smells, the mood and environment all become integral to the finished image. My paintings are meant to be mirrors of our lives…

"There is something magical and mystical about standing with your feet firmly planted on the earth, absorbing all the sounds, smells … and letting it flow out onto the canvas…"

This is the magic we asked Michele to share with us when we invited her to the Liliedahl studios.

There were several things we were especially excited to learn:

  •  Her "hidden" secrets to using texture
  •  Exactly how she tells a story with her work
  •  How she paints such wonderful, gallery-quality pieces in such a short amount of time
  •  How to use a palette knife to create a special feel
  •  How to paint amazing figures that look like real people


So Michele sat down for an enlightening one-on-one interview, revealing her artist's soul, and then she took us on an in-depth, step-by-step journey through her entire painting process.

It's all about how you can create:

Painting Figures, Painting Texture, Painting Stories…

If you enjoy the freedom of painting outdoors and want to learn how to tell a captivating story with your work, then this video training was created especially for you.

Or if you're a studio painter, you can use these same techniques for creating texture and painting believable figures.

Inside, Michele gives you a complete beginning-to-end demonstration of her entire painting process.

Painting Impressionistic Figures features three hours of in-depth painting instruction (and an eye-opening one-on-one interview with the artist).

You'll learn how professional plein air painters paint with a palette knife, how to quickly capture the mood and emotion of a lively cafe setting (even when your subjects are moving), and much, much more.

Michele is a master when it comes to fast and "reactive" painting - which is extremely valuable for the artist who loves to paint outdoors but has limited free time to do it.

You'll learn her complete process, step by step.

  • The first thing she does that makes the entire painting much easier to create 
  • The second critical step, which creates a "painter's roadmap" 
  • The crucial third step, which gives the paintings depth 
  • The techniques of using brush and palette knife together 
  • The finishing touches

Each step includes specific techniques that fit together like a puzzle and help you move along to the next step of the painting.

It's a fascinating process that allows for both improvisation and discovery … and it can give you results that are simply breathtaking.

If you're an experienced painter, then Michele's techniques are guaranteed to help you take your work to the next level.


You don't need to be an experienced painter to learn how to paint stunning compositions using Michele's techniques.

In fact, you can be a complete beginner, and you'll be shocked at how natural Michele's process feels … and you'll be truly surprised at the mesmerizing scenes you "discover" on the canvas as you paint.

You may have seen scenes with lots of figures that you've wanted to paint, but felt they were overwhelming or too complicated. Michele's training will give you the confidence and the technique to take them on.

Does this sound like something you'd like to learn?

If so: 

Let's Take a Closer Look at What's Inside Painting Impressionistic Figures with Michele Byrne.

You'll learn:

  • How to create a simple value sketch that will "map out" your painting and provide a solid framework before you begin
  • How to set up your materials when painting outdoors or in cafe settings
  • The fascinating reason Michele recommends you use a light grid when you work
  • Her color palette and why she prefers each color
  • How to paint the foreground and background (and what to consider as you're doing it)
  • How to "warm up" and "cool down" your values the right way
  • The secrets to establishing perspective when working outdoors or in the studio
  • How professional painters lead the viewer's eye to the focal point of a composition
  • The special tool Michele loves that you can't buy in an art store
  • How to paint with a palette knife and why this can give you a unique sense of texture that you can't get any other way
  • What you should AVOID when you start out painting figures
  • How to tell a story with your composition that hypnotically draws the viewer into your work
  • How to use Michele's "reactionary" style to experience the joy and freedom of improvisation as you paint
  • How to discover where each feature of your painting should go, even if your subjects are moving the entire time!
  • How to avoid the common mistakes that plein air painters make so you can experience rapid improvement in your own personal style and technique
  • And much, much more


Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Angela Dingwell
Excellent instruction!

I own two of Michelle's instructional videos. There is so much helpful instruction in them regardless of your style of painting. I don't paint with a palette knife as she does, but have watched her videos over and over because of her tips on composition and values. I find her one of the best at explaining perspective.

Karen K Pugh
Not my Style

The one thing this video and another one by Michele has taught me is how ingrained my mind is to a detailed, more realistic painting style, I just kind of fast forwarded through the video, looking for something to inspire me to use it along with what I do, and it just wasn't there. I do enjoy the end results, but I would be so unsettled to leave this as is. I am not an impressionistic painter......

Good but what I expected

It was only was watching an traditional painter using mostly a brush expected more information about using a palette knife.

Helen Reinhold-Gordon
Michele Byrne

Highly recommend this video for new painters and established artists alike. Michele Byrne is articulate & enjoyable to watch in her methods, thoughts, ways to approach a painting and technics. No matter the style you paint in, these ideas will improve your paintings and enjoyment of constantly growing as an artist.

Mimi Hathaway
Michele’s video is inspiring....

Michele's video is everything I hoped for and more. She is a wonderful teacher, and holds nothing back from her students. I so admire her and her amazing paintings and I am grateful for having the opportunity to learn from her instruction.