Rose Frantzen

Rose Frantzen: Portraits in Conversation


Video Length: 12 Hours 50 Minutes
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Study with Rose and you’ll discover:

  • Types of brushwork that evoke emotion from your viewers
  • Methods for telling meaningful stories through your paintings
  • How Rose overcame the challenges of painting alla prima — and how you can too!
  • When it’s a good thing to scrape down your entire painting … it’s true!
  • Create effects you’ve never thought possible by using both traditional and unusual materials
  • Attack your canvas with chaotic abandonment … and then shape your concepts into a finely tuned, highly disciplined work of art
  • Rose’s special tool for achieving absolute realistic likeness without losing the creative beauty of a portrait

    In Portraits in Conversation, Rose is giving you her all! She holds nothing back as she shares her ideas and methods so you can find ways to express your own concepts and approaches to your portrait paintings.

    When you look at Rose’s work, you’ll see why she is well-known for creating thought-provoking artwork that thrills her followers and collectors. You’ll get a sense of what makes her one of today’s most unique artists.

    Best of all, you’ll benefit greatly from Rose’s ability to teach and demonstrate in a way that helps you solidify your new knowledge and skill and incorporate different techniques into your own work.

    Rose’s art is jam-packed with electrifying expressions balanced with a culmination of disciplines she’s mastered throughout her life … and now you’ll have a premium seat to watch, listen, and learn from this amazing artist.

    Just imagine how good it will feel when you are confident in your own innately unique approach to portraiture.


    Here’s just a bit more of what you’ll experience: 

    • How to approach your painting with more intention
    • Methods to increase accuracy in your work
    • The joys of spontaneous painting
    • Rose’s personal materials and palette — prepare to be in awe!
    • A digital gallery of some of Rose’s incredible work

    In addition to detailed instruction and a full start-to-finish demonstration, the video includes an insightful and entertaining interview with the artist by publisher Eric Rhoads. 

    Order Portraits in Conversation with Rose Frantzen today. You’ll want to watch it right away so you can be on your new path of discovering your own unique artistic style and voice.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 16 reviews
    Kei J Constantinov, MFA
    Rose Frantzen, Mentor

    Without watching the entire video, I would note her engaging, rather iconoclastic teaching approach.

    Sally Baker Keller
    Rose Frantzen: Portraits In Conversation

    A wonderful video of a wonderful artist! I've been a great admirer of Rose Frantzen's work for a long time. I also really enjoyed her interview with Eric Rhoads.

    Lillie L Pell

    Wonderfully informing and inspiring. Thanks to Rose.


    Portraits in Conversation. The inftroduction of this course is compelling with the mastery level of the artist.

    Shelley Koopmann
    Rose Frantzen

    Rose Frantzen's DVD is fabulous! It has to be the best learning experience ever! I feel so fortunate to have this in my painting library.

    Thank you all at Streamline and Rose Frantzen for creating this opportunity.